The Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day is an annual event to raise money, and this year it’s on Friday 11th December.

Santa in a Christmas jumper

The Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day is an annual event to raise money, and this year it’s on Friday 11th December.

It is the day when the most garish of jumpers are worn to work or school to help raise funds for a worthy cause.

But where do you buy Christmas jumpers to ‘impress’?

Here we detail some of the best retailers and how you can even make your own.

The Christmas Jumper Day event has become well established and how your event works is up to you!

Thousands of schools and workplaces around the UK will be enjoying what has become a fixture on the festive calendar.

However, with the pandemic to think of, your office colleagues might be scattered around – or even working from home.

Raising lots of cash for the amazing charity

Imagination and determination are the key to raising lots of cash for the amazing charity, Save the Children.

Life is strange and uncertain for us all right now, but at Christmas, kindness and a generous heart will hopefully make this year’s event a success.

So, how does it work?

It’s super simple! Sign up here and soon a fundraising pack with loads of fun ideas, advertising posters and paying-in info will land with a joyful ‘thunk’ on your doormat.

Tell EVERYONE you know of your plans to make the world a blingier place on the 11th December and ask them to donate at least £2 if they want to get involved.

Shops, schools – even friends on a night out (Covid-19 restrictions permitting) – can all get into the spirit of fun and togetherness to give gifts of hope to children all over the world.

A Christmas jumper should be colourful

Christmas jumper with dog imageIdeally, a Christmas jumper should be colourful, glittery and obnoxious!

We think the uglier a jumper is, the better but, of course, there are tasteful options too.

As an example, we love these creative ideas for festive jumpers at Etsy.

There are some very clever creative people at work here especially the folks at Sydandco who have created this impressive festive jumper for dog lovers everywhere.

Other designers on Etsy have created personalised and stylish jumpers with family names and slogans so they are worth checking out.

The best Christmas sweaters

There’s no need to buy a pricey new jumper either. Some of the best Christmas sweaters we’ve ever seen are homemade and gorgeously hideous.

There are plenty of great value high street offerings and swapping existing gaudy garments with family and friends is a great sustainable idea.

Does the thought of wearing an itchy, woolly jumper inside makes you cringe? Us too!! Faaaaaar too warm!

Never fear, there are oodles of other creative options.

Grab a red, green or white T shirt from the back of your wardrobe, or a charity shop sale rail, and get busy with a needle and thread, some tasteless tinsel and a sparkly bauble or two.

You’ll look fab and be as cool as a snowman all day.

We think love this helpful video from Channel Mum on how you can easily create a Christmas jumper to impress!

Design your own Christmas jumper

Baby face on Christmas jumperStruggling to find that something with the ‘wow’ factor? Then try designing your own.

The friendly team at Bags of Love offer a facility to easily design your own Christmas jumper or T shirt.

The items are available in a rage of sizes and you can just about add any image to a jumper or T shirt to impress.

The bottom line is that the creations will probably be cute and still impress. What’s not to like.

There are other online services offering a design-your-own-Christmas-jumper offering but this site is easy to use. And the items come soon afterwards!

Buy a cheap Christmas jumper

Next Christmas jumpers

Next have great Christmas jumpers!

Don’t forget too that High Street retailers in the UK like to get in on the festive jumper act.

This year, Next has an impressive range of Christmas jumpers for men, women and children.

Asda has some interesting designs too – as do Matalan, BooHoo

and for Christmas jumpers at reasonable prices you can’t beat Primark.


Christmas jumper day

Love the idea of Christmas jumper day but can’t make the 11th?! No problem! Pretty much any date in December could be your day of choice.

How about the last day of the school term, or the afternoon of your boozy office Christmas ‘do’?

See, there’s no excuse not to get involved.

Let’s make Christmas even more special this year and embrace silly! Now, where’s my light up and musical Rudolph the reindeer jumper?!