Christmas decorations are items that are used to decorate homes and trees during the festive season. They can be made from a variety of materials, including glass, metal, paper and plastic. Popular Christmas decorations include lights, wreaths, tinsel, garlands, and ornaments.

We use Christmas decorations to add beauty and festivity to our homes during the Christmas season. They also mark the start of festivities as homes are decorated and families begin to think about what Christmas means and how they will celebrate it.

Of the popular festive decorations, Christmas lights are used to decorate homes and trees. You can buy just about any colour of light in a huge range of styles. These lights can be used indoors or outdoors.

Another popular choice is for wreaths which are often hung on doors or walls. There’s also the staple of tinsel which is used to add sparkle to trees and areas of our homes or offices. Garlands can be hung above fireplaces or around doorways.

And let’s not forget the ornaments that are used to decorate trees and homes. They come in a spectacular variety of styles and are usually made of glass. They also tend to be cherished items that are used for years and often passed down the generations.

But festive decorations aren’t new – glass ornaments have been made in Germany for over 150 years. The first recorded use of Christmas lights was in 1882, when an American named Edward Hibbert used electric lights to decorate his home. In 1885, the German firm of Auerbach & Bauer created the first electrically lit Christmas tree.

At, you will find lots of ideas for stylish Christmas decorations to help to set your home or office apart from others. With a small budget, you can create a fabulous festive home that is welcoming and impressive.