Christmas Day

Christmas Day is a special day because it’s a time when family and friends get together to celebrate, and food and drink play an important role in the festivities.

Christmas dinner is often the highlight of the day, with a traditional roast dinner being served in many homes. This will see most families dishing up turkey, while others will opt for beef or salmon – or vegetarian choices.

The variety of food choices on Christmas Day is huge and most homes will centre their celebrations around the opening of presents and preparing dinner.

Dinner is usually followed by Christmas pudding or mince pies, and then a selection of chocolates and sweets.

Of course, no Christmas Day would be complete without a few glasses of wine or beer! Though the cook will need to be careful that they don’t overdo things too early!

After dinner, many families will watch the King’s Speech, which is broadcast at 3pm. This is followed by a variety of Christmas programmes and films. Many people also attend church services on Christmas Day.

So, whatever you do on Christmas Day, make sure you enjoy it!  Early planning can help alleviate much of the stress on the day – so if you’re looking to avoid last minute panic take a look at some of our guides. And if you need any help or inspiration, is the perfect place to start.