pic of a dog and elf on a shelf - Christmas gift ideas for dogs Christmas gift ideas for dogs – Your dog will be an important and much-loved member of the family, so Christmas should be a time of treats for them too. Many dogs can sense the heightened excitement at this busy time of year and will love receiving gifts, chomping on distracting chews and enjoying mouth-watering seasonal treats.

Here, the Christmas.co.uk team take a closer look at what man’s best friend might expect to enjoy on Christmas Day.

Dog toys for Christmas

Presenting your pup with the gift of some new toys will keep them occupied as the rest of the family open their presents. Every dog has a favourite game, from tug of war and catching a ball, to chasing a treat around a Kong or finding the squeaker in a cuddly toy.

pic of 12 fog treats and toys Christmas gift ideas for dogsWhatever they love to do, we’ve found a festive version for your precious pet to enjoy.

If you’re searching for a great value gift for a dog, this excellent quality 12-piece set from Supreme Products is excellent and will delight small to medium sized breeds. We love the varied selection, there’s a squeaky chicken, a teething ring, various 100% cotton tug toys, rope balls and chew toys.

It’s available from Amazon and has lots of great feedback from previous buyers. We think your pooch would love the variety!

dog with a goughnuts toy - Christmas gift ideas for dogsIf your pooch is a strong chewer that can destroy a toy in minutes, this is the perfect surprise. In seasonal green, this chew toy has been tried and tested by dog behaviour experts and will withstand even the toughest of tests. It comes in various sizes and colours and is highly rated by hundreds of consumer reviewers.

From Goughnuts, it is a well-made dog toy that will keep them distracted at Christmas. In the description, the toy is clearly aimed at ‘medium breeds and power chewers’. Again, it has a lot of excellent feedback comments from satisfied purchasers.

Dog collar gift for Christmas

A fantastic collar will make your dog look smart, while keeping them safe. They also make a practical Christmas gift, so your pet can start the new year with a fresh new look. Dog collars should be durable, well-fitting and have room for their identity tag. Here’s our pick of some of the best dog collars to buy this Christmas.

Eye catching and trendy collars for dogs at ChristmasIf you want an eye-catching yet elegant design that will be appropriate for Christmas Day and the rest of winter, take a look at this Christmas Dog Collar from JayneElizabethDesign at EtsyUK. It can be ordered in a wide range of sizes and there is a choice of three patterns and colourways.

Handcrafted in the UK, these dog collars make an ideal gift and have been made from quality hardware and trendy fabrics. It helps that previous purchasers are posting reviews with their dog proudly wearing their new collar.

Dog wearing a new dog collar for ChristmasFor an affordable Christmas collar, pop into PetsAtHome and buy one of their Charity Foundation Christmas Dog Collars. At just £6 for the biggest size, they won’t break the bank and can be popped into the drawer for next year. Even better, you’ll be donating to charity when you purchase.

The collars have a festive design and will make your pooch look smart on Christmas Day!


Christmas gift ideas for dogs – Dog outfits!

Dressing up your dog as a cute and cuddly snowman or keeping them warm on chilly walks in a Christmas jumper is adorable, but only if your pet is having fun too. If your pooch overheats, doesn’t enjoy the feel of ‘clothes’ or simply looks sad in their outfit, this is a trend you should avoid.

Dog wearing a festive jumper at ChristmasHowever, some pooches love dressing up and bask in the attention, and for small dogs, or breeds with short coats, an extra, festive-themed layer is very practical in winter.

When it comes to Christmas gift ideas for dogs, a wide range of Christmas jumpers has just landed on the Pets At Home website, they are available in various sizes and lots of fun patterns and jolly colourways. This Gingerbread Man knit is our favourite. It’s made from soft and snuggly fabric, is fully machine washable and is a fantastic price.

We think these outfits would make the perfect gift if you are having a Christmas jumper day at home or work.

Dog wearing a festive reindeer outfitYour dogs should feel comfortable in their Christmas outfit, so a design which is like the harness they wear on walks is a great idea. We adore this reindeer outfit as it’s very simple and the ‘antler hat’ is secured with soft straps that don’t need to be tight for it to stay in place.

And, let’s face it, if your pooch loves attention, what sort of showstopper will he become on the streets wearing this garb? It’s a great idea and well-made too.


Dog treats for the festivities – including (dog) beer!

Christmas is the perfect time to indulge in delicious food and drink and your pet should share in that joy too. Of course, they should be given them as part of their usual balanced diet, but there are plenty of natural, healthy and tasty treats available.

Special dog cookies for ChristmasIf you have the time and energy at this busy time of year, you could even make your own, check out this drool-inducing peanut butter cookie recipe at TheCookieRookie.com.

Some dogs go wild with the smell and taste of fish, but it’s not a love that every owner shares. This Christmas, treat your fish-obsessed dog to a tub of sprats.

Sprats are highly nutritious small, whole fish which are packed with Omega-3 and 6, great for joint, coat and skin health. They are completely natural, have zero chemicals added and are easy to digest.  In addition, the smell is minimal, but if it really bothers you the airtight container keeps it in.

Bottom sniffer beer for dogsMost of us will have a tipple or two at Christmas and Bottom Sniffer Dog Beer means your pooch can get involved too. It comes in single bottles or a 12-pack that would make a fantastic gift. Brewed from natural antioxidant herbs, it is completely alcohol free, tastes great and can be served in a water bowl or poured over food.



Tasty Christmas dog chews

Tasty dog chews for ChristmasIf your dog is a tough chewer, most shop-bought chews will be demolished in minutes and your furniture will once more be under threat. Antler chews are a brilliant solution! Made from just one ingredient, naturally shed, traceable and sustainable red deer antlers this is a hypoallergenic treat with a festive theme.

Green and Wilds Antler Chews are available in lots of sizes, so they are ideal for all canines, from a Cavapoo puppy with tiny, razor-sharp teeth to a Staffie with strong jaws. Even better, antlers don’t smell or stain, they contain lots of minerals that promote good health and will last for ages.