It is an increasingly controversial question to ask: ‘When does Christmas 2020 officially start?’

The meaning of Christmas varies for different people, for many it means celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, for others it’s a time to celebrate with friends and family.

Most of us enjoy a lovely Christmas Day and there’s a lot to enjoy from December 24 with many countries offering presents on Christmas Eve.

This is a special day for many people and as one of the last days of Christmas to buy presents, it’s a crucial one for the unorganised among us!

Lots of us also enjoy singing Christmas carols around a Christmas tree, a nativity scene or in churches or in public spaces.

When Christmas officially starts

When Christmas starts - with shopping

When does Christmas 2020 officially start? Whenever you want it to!

There is no set answer to when Christmas officially starts – thankfully – and here’s why.

While many people like to knock the first signs of Christmas, which to them means the signs are appearing earlier and earlier each year, this is the season of goodwill and joy to all men and women.

Let’s not spoil it for everyone – even if the usual voices beg that the festive run-up should be restricted to start in early December.

Early December? Some us are working around the clock all year long to get ready for Christmas!

‘Christmas has begun’

Can you imagine how dull life would be if we had to wait for someone to say, “Ready, steady, wait for it, go! Christmas has begun.”

That means everyone, and I mean everyone, heading to the shops at the same time. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

Here at the North Pole, I’ve already seen Facebook posts knocking the big retailers getting their festive aisles ready.

Lots of people revel in the hype, commerce and imagery that appears during the hundred days leading up to the big day.

The sight of the first Christmas shop window, the first seasonal television advert – with many wondering what the people at John Lewis have come up with for 2020.

The first festive song on the radio

I even enjoy hearing the first festive song on the radio – though they do appear to restrict their enthusiasm to December. Isn’t that enough?

Christmas and the run-up should be an enjoyable experience – if you want it to be.

So, let’s celebrate ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ and enjoy how the people of Great Britain prepares for, and celebrates, the festive season.

And this will include some of the stranger things people do to celebrate Christmas in 2020.

Even if the festivities do start earlier every year!

Santa Claus