If you would like to know how others enjoy Christmas Day and the festivities, then a new formula reveals the perfect way to spend the ‘big day’ with everything from the best time for waking up and when to sit down and enjoy Christmas dinner.

A survey of 2,000 adults has found that the best time for enjoying Christmas dinner is at 2.33pm.

While that sounds rather precise, the survey also highlights that the dinner is complete with three pigs in blankets and Brits also want to enjoy five Christmas movies on the day.

Also, the perfect Christmas Day is complete with four inches of snow – which might happen for most parts of the UK this year.

If you want to know the best number of presents to create the ideal day, then the survey reveals that it is seven.

Best tips for Christmas presents

The best tips for Christmas presents – that’s those that won’t be rejected or laughed at – are alcohol, a book and fragrance.

For most adults, the best time to wake up on Christmas Day is 7.56am – again a very precise time for Brits – and the day needs a real Christmas tree and also turkey being dished up for dinner.

The survey was carried out by Marks & Spencer and a spokeswoman said: “Christmas is an important time of the year and customers are hunting for perfect gifts to impress close friends and family.

“Fragrances top everyone’s gift list and make for a lovely present.”

However, the ultimate Christmas fragrance, say one in 10 adults, is the smell of their roast dinner cooking along with cinnamon and mulled wine.

The perfect Christmas Day dinner

Along with turkey, the perfect Christmas Day dinner also sees the addition of crisp roast potatoes, for 75% of people, with the next most popular additions being pigs in blankets, followed by stuffing and gravy for the ideal meal.

However, the ideal Christmas song highlighted by the survey to listen to while tucking into Christmas dinner is the Fairytale of New York by The Pogues.

The most popular film to watch on Christmas Day is Home Alone, followed by Miracle on 34th Street; this highlights that British adults still enjoy the Christmas classics.

However, decorations divide opinion every year with people struggling to decide whether they should go for minimalist or flashing lights, but most opt for a tree and baubles plus putting a wreath on their front door.

The most popular tree of choice is a pine tree for 37% of the survey’s respondents.

When it comes to choosing the perfect partner for spending Christmas with, two-thirds of adults said they prefer to spend their time with their partner, while four in 10 of us prefer to stay in their own home for the day.