It’s that time of year that sandwich makers, including M&S, release their festive sarnies.

Festive sarnie-loving Brits are in for a treat in 2018, with news that more sandwich making firms are following in Tesco’s meal deal footsteps with impressive offerings, including Boots and Greggs.

There are also special sandwiches being offered by M&S and Subway.

The meal deal range from Boots is quite impressive and includes pigs under blankets as well as a low-calorie turkey and cranberry offering.

Their sweet treats include a chocolate log or cranberry flapjack.

There’s also a tempting offer for those who buy a sandwich from their Special range, which is to enjoy a £5 voucher when spending more than £45 on fragrances.

M&S is also jumping onto the bandwagon with a range of tasty sandwiches, including prawn cocktail on oatmeal bread and a Christmas turkey wrap plus a three bird roasted sandwich.

There’s also a festive roast beef dinner on onion bread available.

The chain is also offering 5% of each pack purchased being donated to Shelter, the homeless charity.

There’s no doubt that the sandwiches will receive a mixed reaction but already office workers have taken to social media to celebrate the appearance of Christmas sandwiches on the shelves.

However, the real star turn when it comes to festive lunches is probably going to be the Greggs Festive bake.

Fans are so excited about its reappearance that there is a website with a countdown timer to the Festive bake’s appearance in Greggs’ shops.

So, what’s so special about the Festive bake which features tender pieces of chicken breast on a bed of sage and onion stuffing with diced sweet cure bacon?

The bake is also lined with a sage sauce along with red onion and cranberry relish and sweet dry cranberries. For many people, it’s got every Christmas ingredient they need.