It’s that time of year when retailers come up with their weird and wonderful flavours of Christmas and here’s our first instalment – of what is likely to be a long list!

First out of the blocks this year is Lidl , which is selling a ginger bread and also a mince pie ice cream, which sounds better as a conversation starter than it does as a sweet treat.

Weirdly, Lidl says it’s bringing back its controversial ice cream flavours by ‘popular demand’.

For those who like the sound of gingerbread flavoured ice cream, then they will find it consists of gingerbread biscuit pieces, fudge and a rich toffee sauce.

Mince pie ice cream

Christmas is a time when retailers unveil unusual flavour combinations in the UK.

For those opting for the mince pie ice cream then there’s biscuits, fruit conserve and a taste of brandy flavoured sauce.

Lidl says the ice cream is available now or ‘until stocks last’ with the 480 ml tubs costing £1.99.

However, Lidl is not the only supermarket offering unusual tastes and flavours with Iceland unveiling mince pie ice cream cones which will be available in the stores in November.

The offering costs £1.50 and, the firm says, tastes like a fruity mincemeat with rich spices and it’s topped with raisins and orange rind to help deliver ‘a zesty touch’.

Iceland’s head chef says growing numbers of shoppers are looking for a quirky way to enjoy a festive treat and the mince pie ice cream is their way of combining two popular favourites.

Christmas tree flavoured crisps

Iceland has already started selling its range of Christmas tree flavoured crisps.

And while they may not be made from actual Christmas trees – imagine! – they are made with the oil from real pine needles.

Basically, the crisps are a salted flavour with a ‘hint of pine’.

Ben & Jerry’s have also got in on the act with a new winter flavour combo consisting of crunchy gingerbread cookies, chocolate chunks and caramel ice cream.

We are sure there will be more strange flavour products hitting our shelves soon.