With so much choice on offer, knowing which is the best turkey crown for Christmas 2020, can be a difficult decision to make.

There is a wide variety of formats and sizes on offer but here we will help you make the decision as to which is the best turkey crown to tuck into.

With our guide, you will find a turkey crown that is easy to cook and essentially offers something for everybody sat around your Christmas table.

For many people, a traditional Christmas turkey is simply too large, particularly in 2020 when visitors may be restricted, plus not everyone likes dark meat.

Though we do love a juicy turkey breast or a stuffed turkey crown with streaky bacon, roast potatoes, sage and onion stuffing to create a cracking Christmas dinner.

However, finding a tender turkey breast that delivers perfect turkey white meat is not easy.

Your Christmas crown needs to be big enough to feed family members and perhaps a few guests so the perfect crown, whether it is free range or a bronze turkey, should deliver delicious breast meat for everyone.

Also, a crown takes less time to cook, and you will be avoiding (hopefully!) a flavourless or dry turkey on Christmas day.

Most crowns, including stuffed ones, may be pre-basted and have been seasoned well.

You simply put your chosen crown into your oven, and a short time later it’s ready to eat.

Here is the Christmas.co.uk guide to enjoy the best Christmas turkey for Christmas 2020 – and you can look at our taste tests of the best frozen turkey crowns to enjoy this year.


Turkey crown winner – Waitrose Best of Both

Waitrose turkey crown 2020We loved the Waitrose Best of Both free-range bronze turkey crown.

The creation will serve 12 and weighs 2.9 kg. It costs £65 – which might seem a lot, but this is a large crown and it really does a great job.

Of the crowns we tried, this one was tender and the tastiest.

It helps that this bacon-covered crown is cooked in a bag to help retain the crown’s moisture.

For a great meal, you simply follow the instructions to cook a turkey crown that will impress.

To ensure it’s a crispy offering, you remove the crown from the bag and cook for a further 15 minutes to become golden coloured with a crisp skin.

This creation comes with a sage and onion stuffing and two boneless thighs that have been slow cooked.

You can even use the juices from the tray for your turkey gravy and everything works out well.

Essentially, if you are looking for a crown to impress – and with minimal effort – then this is the best turkey crown for you.


M&S Collection – the Perfect Turkey Crown

xmas turkey crown M&SThis is a bold and impressive offering, and it nearly is the perfect turkey crown in our taste test.

There’s a lot to like from this offering from M&S Collection but is no longer available to order online.

You may have to wait until closer to Christmas Day, to see if stocks will arrive in store.

The M&S crown costs £36 and will serve up to eight people.

This streaky bacon covered crown also has a pork, chestnut and thyme stuffing and it smells delicious when cooked.

The turkey crown comes in a foil tray, so it’s ready to put in the oven.

Again, the juices that come from the crown help create an excellent and tasty gravy.

This crown is easy to carve with juicy, moist meat.

You will also find that the turkey is just as delicious when used for Boxing Day sandwiches, or for a buffet.

Highly recommended.


Heston from Waitrose Turkey Breast on the Bone Crown

Heston turkey xmas crownIf you want something unusual but really tasty, then the Heston from Waitrose Turkey Breast on the Bone Crown is worth considering.

It costs £65 and will serve up to eight people, but it is something of a real treat.

The crown comes with a poultry jus, turkey brine and a herb butter.

It’s a more involved creation than other crowns; you need to put the crown in the brown bag for at least 24 hours before it is cooked.

The brine is use for basting, so really this Heston Blumenthal offering should be seen as an upmarket turkey crown cooking kit.

The tasters really enjoyed the meat, it’s a very tasty offering and certainly worth considering.


M&S British Boneless Oakham Turkey Breast

M&S boneless turkey crown 2020If you don’t like the faff of having a large crown which will usually have a bone in it, then this M&S offering is a nice compromise.

Since many people looking for a crown do not want the expense or the size of cooking a large bronze turkey – and this product is a delight.

This boneless turkey breast comes in a foil tray so is ready to cook.

It costs £21 and will serve up to eight people.


Iceland Perfect Turkey Crown

Iceland xmas turkey crownOne of the best priced crowns we came across was this frozen Perfect Turkey Crown from Iceland.

This offering costs £16 and will serve up to 10 people.

It’s not only oven-ready and comes wrapped in paper, it’s really easy to cook and full of flavour.

Since Iceland is a frozen food specialist, there’s a lot to recommend their perfect crown as a nice Christmas Day offering.

Iceland also offers another version wrapped in bacon for the same price.

Again, the flavours work because of the oven-ready wrapping and it’s easy to cook and a very tasty creation.


Asda Extra Special Roast in the Bag Turkey Crown

Asda turkey crownAnother easy to cook offering is this roast in the bag turkey crown from Asda.

It costs £34 will serve up to 10 dinner guests.

The streaky bacon covered crown smells delicious and sweet when cooked and comes with a thyme stuffing that really does compliment the meat.

If you are the cook on Christmas Day and have lots of guests, then this easy to cook turkey from Asda should be your number one choice.


Aldi Specially Selected Stuffed Turkey Crown

Aldi xmas turkey crownAnother value for money offering when it comes to a stuffed turkey crown, is from Aldi.

The £16.99 creation is a stuffed crown with a streaky bacon topping.

The sage and onion stuffing is also impressive and the bird is easy to cook, remains moist and is easy to carve.

The cooked crown smells sweet and smoky and will impress Christmas Day dinner guests.


Waitrose Small Turkey Breast Crown with Prime Wing

Waitrose xmas turkey crown smallFinally, while most people will love a tasty turkey for their Christmas dinner, they may not a huge piece of meat to cook.

That’s where this small turkey breast from Waitrose really does score.

It costs from £30 and will serve up to three people.

Not only is this creation simple to cook, it’s also a very tender crown that is easy to carve.

For those who are having a small celebration for Christmas 2020, then this great and tasty offering from Waitrose will meet your needs.