If you know someone who is difficult to buy a Christmas present for, then why not consider Christmas food gifts and hampers in 2018?

All of the major supermarkets and retailers are offering great ideas for food gifts this year and there’s also growing interest in making your own gift with some excellent Christmas food recipes.

Buying food, or even alcohol, for someone who is difficult to buy for makes life easier and it’s a way to ensure successful gift buying.

Indeed, it may even be a good idea to buy a Christmas hamper as a gift which will be filled with luxury food along with wines and other drinks.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a hamper since there are cheaper versions available that may not come in a wicker basket.

Receiving a hamper this Christmas from John Lewis

The John Lewis ‘Festive fireside’ Christmas hamper

Most people will, for example, relish receiving a hamper this Christmas from John Lewis and they are offering a ‘Spirit of Christmas’ hamper for £100 consisting of alcohol and chocolates, but they also have a Christmas gift basket which comes complete with red wine and a range of delicious seasonal snacks for £35.

Should you be sick of buying socks for someone in your family then perhaps it is time to consider the Christmas treat tray from John Lewis, which costs £25 and has various chocolates and biscuits, along with a ‘Festive treats’ hamper with red wine, cakes and treats for £60.

When it comes to Christmas gifts, John Lewis really does make a great impression with a ‘Festive fireside’ Christmas hamper costing £125 and containing prosecco, wine, chocolate, biscuits, a Christmas pudding chocolate bar and a Christmas pudding, chutney and crackers.

For those who really do want to make an impression then there’s a John Lewis ‘Seasonal sophistication’ Christmas hamper at £250 which really will bring a smile to the face of those who you may struggle to treat at Christmas time.

Along with champagne, four bottles of wine and a sparkling fruit drink, there’s also Christmas pudding, clotted cream fudge, popcorn and shortbread as well as olives, ground coffee, smoked almonds, fancy marmalade and orange blossom honey. There’s even a pack of six luxury gold crackers.

Hampers can be bought online

The M&S ‘Indulgent’ chilled Christmas selection

These hampers can be bought online from John Lewis or from their stores but there’s also a great offering from Marks and Spencer’s this year for their Christmas hampers.

There is an impressive line-up of 50 choices, including a ‘Classic Christmas gift box’ at £30 and for £10 extra, there’s a gift box with champagne.

For £100, customers can enjoy the ‘Windsor hamper’ complete with red wine and prosecco and this also comes with vintage marmalade, ground coffee, assorted Italian chocolates, truffles and biscuits.

The popular shop even provides an ‘Indulgent chilled hamper’ for £150 with a range of alcoholic drinks, salmon, a spiced ham hock terrine along with a whisky-infused cheddar.

There are several other kinds of cheese available as well as a roast ham, Christmas cake and Christmas pudding as well as mince pies, flat breads and a reusable cool bag along with a posh gift bag for the offering.

Essentially, there will be hampers and Christmas food gift items to meet just about every budget from Fortnum & Masons to specialist offerings from Lakeland.

Even Debenhams and Dunhelm are offering Christmas food and drink gifts as are Boots and Next.

Impressive range of Christmas food gifts and hampers

And let’s not forget that the supermarkets are also offering an impressive range of Christmas food gifts and hampers for customers, including Waitrose.

Among the best examples are offerings from Aldi who have a range of Christmas hampers available – but only until stocks last.

Last year, the hampers from the popular discount store saw them being big sellers and this year should prove no different.

Among the offerings is a ‘Festive delights’ hamper at £24.99 with a range of festive treats including luxury biscuits and a chocolate bombe dessert.

There’s also a ‘Specially selected treats’ hamper at £34.99 with vintage champagne truffles and wine.

However, their most impressive offering is a ‘Specially selected luxury hamper’ at £59.99 with award-winning wine, British handmade crumbly crackers and there’s an ‘Exquisite hamper’ at £99.99 offering gourmet food in a wicker basket.

Sainsbury’s and Tesco allow customers to build their own hampers which may be a cost-effective way of delivering a special Christmas gift to that special someone who is difficult to buy for – and buying their favourite goodies could be the secret to Christmas food gifts buying success.