Whether you like spiced, nutty or boozy Christmas puddings, this guide to the best supermarket Christmas puddings in 2021 makes the job of finding a favourite easier.

That’s because the Christmas.co.uk team has carried out a supermarket sweep to find the best puddings available for this year’s festivities.

They range from a traditional Christmas pudding offering, a 12-month matured Christmas pudding, and our testers carried out a blind taste to find the one to deliver a tasty surprise at the Christmas table.

All of the puddings highlighted here are great to enjoy with lashings of cream or a big dollop of brandy butter to underpin the flavours for what is a traditional festive dessert.

Whether you fancy a Tesco Finest Christmas pudding, or something from Waitrose or an Aldi Specially Selected treat, we’ve sorted through the plump fruit, glace cherries and nuts to find the pudding lover’s dream pud.


Tesco Finest 12-month matured Christmas Pudding

Best supermarket Christmas puddings 2021 Tesco FinestHaving mentioned the Tesco Finest Christmas pudding, the Christmas.co.uk team thought this was a cracking creation for £8.

It can either be microwaved or steamed and has eight servings.

However, the standout feature for this Christmas pud that is packed with vine fruits including currants, sultanas and raisins along with glazed cherries and nuts is for the alcohol taste.

Tesco has added cider, but the impressive alcohol addition is Courvoisier VS Cognac.

It’s this that helps this Christmas pudding rise above its rivals to deliver a fruity and tasty Christmas pudding creation with a subtle alcoholic kick.

It’s highly recommended and for those wanting to end a Christmas dinner in style, then Tesco’s Finest 12-month matured Christmas pudding is certainly worth considering.

We also really enjoyed the Tesco Finest black forest Christmas pudding which at £10 is an unusual and tasty creation.


Waitrose No.1 Christmas Pudding

Best supermarket Christmas puddings 2021 WaitroseComing a close second in our roundup is the Waitrose No.1 Christmas Pudding.

It costs £12 and again comes with lashings of Courvoisier VS Cognac.

It’s a richly fruited Christmas pud that is packed with pecan nuts, plump vine fruits and with the Cognac, there’s a rounded, rich flavour.

It too has been matured for 12 months and can be microwaveable on Christmas Day.

The pudding itself is more of a traditional offering but it’s a real delight for those who like an annual Christmas pudding treat and it’s a quality product to enjoy.


Iceland Luxury 12-Month Matured Christmas Pudding

Best supermarket Christmas puddings 2021 IcelandFor the money, we thought the Iceland Luxury 12-month matured Christmas pudding was a real tasty delight.

It costs £4 and will tick most Christmas pud lover’s boxes.

There are large pieces of vine fruits, including glazed cherries, and nuts.

It will safely serve four people and it smells and looks fantastic.

The Iceland Christmas pud can be steamed or microwaved and it is one of the best puddings with a rich texture.


ASDA 9 Month Matured Luxury Christmas Pudding

Best supermarket Christmas puddings 2021 AsdaAnother tasty offering that manages to balance rich fruits, spices and booze is the Asda 9 month matured luxury Christmas pudding.

It’s packed with plump vine fruits, nuts and glace cherries and is a fantastic creation for the entire family.

This may not be the moistest of Christmas puds, but adding brandy butter, custard or cream will alleviate that.

It costs £8 and for the size, it serves eight people, it’s a value for money offering.


Sainsbury’s Winter Berry Clementine & Gin Christmas Pudding

Best supermarket Christmas puddings 2021 SainsburysThe Christmas.co.uk team were rather disappointed by the Sainsbury’s Christmas pudding offering last year but this year, their Winter Berry Clementine and Gin Christmas pud is a cracker.

It’s from their ‘Taste the Difference’ range and costs £10 for a pud weighing in at 700g.

It is a Christmas pudding packed with vine fruits including raisins and sultanas, but it has been laced with gin.

This is an interesting alternative to brandy or cider, and it has been topped with a ‘winterberry and gin’ glaze. They have also added blonde glace cherries and blackcurrants.

It looks like a stylish offering and Sainsbury’s also offers a cheaper sticky toffee Christmas pudding that an interesting spin with lots of vine fruits and lashings of caramel and we also liked their ‘Free from’ Christmas pudding, which is a tasty, gluten-free offering.

However, it’s also worth noting that Sainsbury’s also offer smaller puddings there are six months matured, along with 18 months matured which may be more suitable for those dining alone or have small appetites.


Aldi Plum Damson and Pink Gin Pudding

Best supermarket Christmas puddings 2021 AldiIf you want to try a Christmas pudding that is rather alternative, then consider the Aldi Plum Damson and Pink Gin pudding.

Don’t turn your noses up just yet, because this pud is covered in gold glitter with a plum, damson and gin in the centre.

Not only is this a standout creation that will attract attention when being delivered to the Christmas dinner table, but it is also a festive and fun pudding.

It’s bursting with flavours delivered from crunchy almonds and juicy vine fruits, and the plum flavour is deliciously sweet.

While it’s not a traditional Christmas pudding, it is unusual but it’s worth trying if you want to stand out from the crowd!

It’s also worth noting that Aldi is a regular winner when it comes to tasty Christmas puddings and if you would like a very tasty offering, then consider their Champagne Christmas pudding.

There’s a nice balance of flavours and there’s an excellent topping using glace cherries and nuts and rather than use brandy, Aldi has soaked their pudding with champagne. The result is a light texture that sparkles.


Lidl Deluxe Luxury 9 Month Matured Christmas Pudding

Best supermarket Christmas puddings 2021 LidlLidl never seems to get any coverage when a Christmas pudding review is underway which is a shame because they do a Luxury 9 Month Matured Christmas pud that is worth searching out.

It costs £3.99 for a pud weighing 400g that will serve four people.

It too has been laced generously with Cognac and also sherry and is packed with crunchy almonds and walnuts along with large, juicy vine fruits.

It has then been left to mature for nine months to allow the flavours to develop a full and rich taste experience.

For the money, this is a tasty offering though not as moist as most others but again you could simply add brandy butter or cream to complement what is a rich, full-flavoured pudding.


Co-op Irresistible 12 Month Matured Christmas Pudding

Best supermarket Christmas puddings 2021 Co-opAnother interesting creation to consider for the best supermarket Christmas puddings in 2021, is the Co-op Irresistible 12 Month Matured Christmas pud.

It costs £4 for a pudding weighing 400g and this is a richly fruited offering with lots of vine fruits, along with almonds and walnuts.

The flavours are enhanced with a splash of sherry, brandy and rum and the overall impression is for a pudding that impresses.

It’s also a deliciously moist creation and if you like a fruity Christmas pud, and this one is definitely for you.


Morrisons The Best Christmas Pudding

Best supermarket Christmas puddings 2021 MorrisonsWe always think that calling a product ‘The Best’ is a gamble but here Morrisons is correct with its 9 Month Matured Christmas pudding.

Not only is this a very tasty and rich pudding, it’s packed with pecan nuts, almonds and walnuts and plump vine fruits, but it has a nice moist even treacly content to enjoy.

That’s down to the sherry, rum and cider that have been liberally added to the mixture which is then steamed and left to mature with a lacing of Cognac.

It costs £8 for a pudding weighing 800g and there’s a lot to like about this great looking and one of the best supermarket Christmas puddings aroud.