While many of us will want to treat our loved ones to something special, what Christmas gifts do the super-rich buy each other?

That’s revealed in the annual Neiman Marcus fantasy gift list, which is hugely anticipated since it reveals what the 1% buy each other at Christmas.

While it’s an American-based offering, it does highlight the type of 2018 fantasy gifts available for those who can afford to do so around the world.

For example, if you have a spare $315,000 then you can take undercover agent lessons which include learning how to stunt drive.

Most of the items on the list are aimed purely at the rich and famous and include overhyped beauty products and elaborate weddings.

Extravagant Christmas gifts

Neiman Marcus is a luxury department store and since 1959 it has put together a curated list of impressive but extravagant Christmas gifts.

This year, rich people can indulge in diamond bracelets for $248,000, an edible gingerbread house for $15,000 and luxury linens for $55,000.

To stand out from the crowd, how about a rose-gold aeroplane for $1.5 million?

Or a VIP package to the Academy Awards at $425,000?

The firm’s Christmas Book is sent out to clients ahead of the festive season and it attracts anger and admiration in equal doses.

A $7.1 million solar-powered yacht

The super-rich can be extravagant at this time of year and a fantasy Christmas gifts list reveals just how much they do so.

If you are super-rich and environmentally conscious, then how about a $7.1 million solar-powered yacht?

For those who are attracted by the potential of training to become a secret agent, mentioned earlier, then this is a weekend for four and will include participants jumping from a helicopter, driving fast cars and then solving a ‘mission’ in Las Vegas.

However, those who put the list together, it’s done by a committee today, say that it’s not just about rich people showing off their opulence or indulging in a fancy but creating a memorable and rich experience.

For example, there’s a 30-day luxury adventure to India, Bhutan and Nepal, covering iconic locations to create a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

The trip includes first-class travel, plus helicopter transfers, VIP access to the Taj Mahal and a private tiger safari.

There are also trips to sacred meditation huts and meeting various spiritual leaders for a tempting $630,000.

The store says that every item in its popular Christmas Book has a charitable donation which will help in the season of goodwill.