For many people in the UK, one of the best parts of the Christmas build-up is the anticipation of the increasingly ambitious and tear-jerking adverts released by big retailers and supermarkets.

One of the most widely anticipated is the John Lewis Christmas advert and this year was no exception.

With a huge fanfare, the advert is one of the festive season’s most hotly anticipated campaigns and this year proved to be an emotional tribute to musical icon Sir Elton John.

In recent years, the John Lewis Christmas advert has become a ‘must watch’ appointment and is a highlight among increasing competition with supermarkets now also competing for one-upmanship.

While we’ve had years of what appear to be heartfelt short films that have been set to the covers of classic songs, this year the John Lewis advert tells the story of Sir Elton’s career set to his first big hit, ‘Your Song’.

Sir Elton says: “This has been a lovely opportunity to reflect on my life in music and the journey I’ve been on. The ad is fantastic and I loved every minute of being a part of it.”

While John Lewis and Partners refuse to disclose how much they spent on the film, including Sir Elton’s fee, they say the budget is similar to those of previous years, which usually cost around £7 million.

Anyway, here’s the John Lewis advert to enjoy in full:

Another retailer that usually offers up an impressive Christmas advert is Boots and this year they celebrate the mother and daughter bond.

The advert is set to Robbie Williams’ ‘She’s the One’ and shows a mother and daughter at loggerheads about preparing for a big day. Then the daughter has a great idea for a suitable present – which includes a visit to Boots!

Here it is:

Cadbury’s also spends a hefty amount on its Christmas advert and this year it’s gone with the theme of Secret Santa.

Many people who work in schools and offices will be aware of the process of buying a secret present for just one person in a bid to resolve a present buying dilemma.

There’s no doubt that the advert encourages viewers could pick up a box of chocolates for their Secret Santa recipient.

But does the Cadbury’s advert for Christmas 2018 work for you? Find out:

The retailer Argos was one of the first to release their 2018 Christmas advert with a cheeky take on the festivities that audiences will love – though they have aired several adverts before this.

Their story involves a gremlin causing havoc before Christmas Day with a fast-track delivery driver stopping the sock wearing monster in his tracks.

Enjoy the Argos advert:

Here at we also enjoy the offerings from supermarkets with the Asda advert delivering a hilarious theme featuring skiers and cowboys riding Christmas trees as well as stunt driving Yetis arriving with the presents to make this a special day for a girl who can’t wait for the most wonderful time of the year.

It’s a typical big budget offering called ‘Bring Christmas Home’.

In addition, we also like the Aldi advert which brings back Kevin the Carrot which is a cute vegetable starring in their advert that shows him as the hero taking on an evil Parsnip. It’s not only well-made but has a great gag in there (for adults) too.

Enjoy Kevin the Carrot and the Wicked Parsnip:

However, special mention needs to go to the Macdonald’s Christmas advert which follows Santa on his Christmas Eve rounds with his trusty reindeer getting upset over the lack of healthy treats being left out by people they visit.

Santa, however, has a cunning plan and is planning to visit a McDonald’s who are selling reindeer treats this year in its restaurants.

Of all the Christmas adverts on our screens this year, the McDonald’s one is probably the most festive.

Enjoy Santa enjoying a McDonald’s: