For those who enjoy a tipple, then the beer advent calendars for 2020 are worth buying but which one is the best for you?

There’s no doubt that a quality beer advent calendar will deliver a very merry Christmas in the run-up to the big day for beer lovers everywhere.

And this is an opportunity to try new brews and breweries to broaden a drinker’s taste.

In addition, this year also sees the appearance of vegan and low alcohol beers as advent calendar – or as special festive offerings.

So, whether you enjoy a pale ale or craft beer, a beer advent calendar will help you get into the festive spirit.

However, you need to be quick because lots of alcoholic advent calendars to tend to sell out quickly. Thankfully, most beer advent calendars have a pre-order option for online deals.

This is the rundown of the best beer advent calendars for 2020.

The Beer Hawk 2020 advent calendar

beer advent calendar BeerhawkFor us, the Beer Hawk 2020 advent calendar really did tickle our tastebuds with an interesting range of beers.

There are 24 bottles and cans to enjoy from 14 countries.

This means you can effectively travel the world on a beer tasting journey – from the comfort of your home.

The Beer Hawk 2020 advent beer calendar costs £75.


The pork crackling and beer advent calendar

pork crackling beer adventWe really enjoyed the offering from the Snaffling Pig Company last year, and in 2020, their beer advent calendar is a cracker.

We all know that beer will go with a lot of different foods, and pork crackling will be either at the top of that list – or close to it.

So, why not combine the two with excellent beers and range of pork crackling to enjoy?

There are 12 beers to enjoy which are Wild Hog Pilsner, Mighty Swine lager and Twisted Tail pale ale. The 12 pork crackling bags include marvellous maple, low & slow BBQ and Perfectly Salted flavours.

The Pork Crackling and Beer advent calendar from the Snaffling Pig Company costs £65.


The John Lewis beer advent calendar

John Lewis beer advent calendarsFor those who like a good range of beers from the UK, the John Lewis beer advent calendar could be for you.

There 24 beers from UK breweries including stouts, IPAs, pilsners and lagers as well as ales.

Recipients get to enjoy beers from breweries as diverse as Thornbridge, Cold Bath Brewing Co., Harviestoun Brewer, The Wild Beer Co. and Alechemy Brewery.

The John Lewis beer advent calendar for 2020 costs £75.


The Beer52 beer advent calendar

Beer52 advent calendar boxWe really enjoyed the Beer52 advent calendar because the first door to open reveals a lovely limited edition tasting glass. A real beer drinker’s treat!

There are 24 beers from 14 countries, and they cover 16 different beer styles.

The breweries include La Trappe, Tempest and De Molen.

Altogether, the beer is worth more than £100 and another incentive for this offering is a scratch card with the winner picking up more free beer from Beer52.

Apparently, thousands of craft beer fans really enjoy this annual offering so if it appeals to you as a hoppy Christmas present, then you need to act quickly.

At £59.99, the Beer52 advent calendar is one of the cheapest advent calendars we have found this year. Highly recommended.


The HonestBrew beer calendar

Honestbrew beer adventOne of the most popular beer advent calendars is that produced by HonestBrew.

This year’s offering sees beer coming from breweries across Europe, and the advent calendar is cheaper for HonestBrew members.

The beers come from breweries such as Whiplash, Brew By Numbers and Siren.

HonestBrew says their calendar is the perfect Christmas present for a beer lover wanting to discover new favourite beers.

The HonestBrew advent beer calendar costs £64.90 (and is £10 cheaper for members).


Best of the rest beer advent calendars for 2020

As mentioned, vegan and low alcohol beers are making an appearance, and we really enjoyed the Vegan Brews offering from HonestBrew.

While not strictly speaking a true beer advent calendar, there are 12 vegan-friendly beers with a range of strengths and flavours to explore.

These are a crafty way for beer-loving vegans to enjoy the Christmas countdown, and if you know a vegan who loves craft beers, then this will be the ideal surprise Christmas present.

It’s on sale from HonestBrew at £32.90.

Another popular choice as a beer advent calendar is from BrewDog.

While the beers are not to everyone tastes – though marshmallow chocolate stout may appeal – their calendar is one of the cheapest.

It costs £49.95 and with 24 craft beers, drinkers can enjoy two beers that are only available in the calendar, along with 15 new beer launches from this year and six online exclusive beers.

Another unusual offering is worth taking note of, and that is the Beerwulf advent calendar costing £61.99.

Drinkers get to enjoy 24 exclusive beers from some of the world’s leading breweries, but the calendar also includes invitations to virtual tastings and events – plus exclusive festive content.

There’s a mix of beers from breweries from the US and Belgium, so expect an interesting mix of white beer, lager and IPA.

There’s certainly no shortage of choice when it comes to choosing quality beer advent calendars in 2020!