One great way to create lovely memories year after year for the festivities is to consider making your own Christmas decorations that will impress friends and family.

After all, this is the season for decking your halls with holly and there’s no doubt that having DIY Christmas decorations means you will be creating something that money cannot buy.

Along with hours of creative family fun, these are wallet-friendly ideas that everyone can make.

There are lots of excellent Christmas craft bloggers around and they are creators of impressive ideas from Christmas ornaments and wreaths, tree decorations and table features.

You can buy the items you need for creating your Christmas designs by visiting retailers such as Hobbycraft or The Range, or even buy them online at Amazon.


Ideas for DIY Christmas decorations

DIY Christmas decorations – Stylish mini Christmas crackers

When it comes to searching for ideas for DIY Christmas decorations you don’t need to be particularly skilled or artistic, you just need to be enthusiastic and follow the inspiration of those with more experience.

First up is Jenny from The Gingerbread House blog and her step-by-step guide to creating mini Christmas crackers for children.

In this blog, she uses a kit from the ‘Mollie Makes’ magazine and this mini cracker kit from old English Co is certainly worth considering.

Jenny has a step -through process to show how to cut, score and then fold festive crackers for use on a tree or dining table.

The kit contains wooden templates, confetti, twine and eight papers for creating crackers.

She says the mini crackers are simple to make, though points out that a scalpel and pencil are necessary for completing the project.

The finished mini crackers are very cute and ideal for small children – you can even have them buy the sweets or the contents that they and everyone else at the Christmas dinner table can open.

While the cracker kit used by Jenny is from an American supplier, you can buy kids DIY Christmas crackers on Amazon which includes party hats, labels, jokes and cracker sticks for the snapping sound.

Hobbycraft also stocks a wide range of goodies, including the cardboard tubes and mini stamps and everything else in between to help create impressive crackers this Christmas.


Christmas stocking pattern for presents and treats

DIY Christmas decorations – Quilted Christmas stocking for presents

We also liked the free quilted Christmas stocking pattern for presents and treats from Sarah Maker.

Sarah is a blogger, artist and maker with a lot of very good craft and DIY fun projects on her site.

This is a one-of-a-kind quilted Christmas stocking and Sarah offers a step-by-step photo tutorial to help you complete it.

The result is something that you will love to hang above your fireplace every year, or you can give them as gifts so they become family heirlooms!

Potential crafters can also make these festive stockings in matching sets and Sarah offers lots of advice including for the materials and tools needed but this is an impressive, and eye-catching DIY Christmas decoration to impress.


DIY Christmas decorations for trees

DIY Christmas decorations – Christmas wish baubles

For those who are looking for unusual DIY Christmas decorations for trees, we can recommend the Keep Up with The Jones Family blog.

The team had lots of fun putting together these Christmas wish baubles and it’s a straightforward craft to create.

Indeed, these baubles can be created every year as children grow up because they can choose the contents.

To create the Christmas wish baubles, you simply need clear plastic baubles, white snow decorations, small cotton reels, brown paper, confetti, ribbon or twine and Bostik sticky pads.

The blog offers a step-by-step process, and the finished product makes the fun of making these impressive Christmas wish baubles worthwhile.

Remember they can be used for years afterwards too.


Best Christmas tree crafts for children

DIY Christmas decorations – Christmas tree crafts to impress

Head over to the Attachment Mummy blog and there’s a wealth of great ideas to keep young children busy in the holidays.

The site is the work of Leta Elliott, and she works with top names including Waitrose, Persil and Heinz.

Along with parenting advice and various guides, the blog carries a huge range of great Christmas crafting content.

One that caught our eye is to create Christmas tree crafts for young children to help them become even more excited about the festive season.

Not only do they get to create stylish Christmas tree decorations, but parents or grandparents get a novelty keepsake that will become a cherished memory.

Some of the ideas are very simple, including a Christmas tree lacing ornament, but youngsters can also create their own paper Christmas tree as well as Christmas tree bookmarks.

There’s even a great idea to paint a Christmas tree just using a fork – it’s a clever and easy idea to carry out.

We also like the clay pot Christmas tree ornaments that youngsters can paint and then decorate.


Christmas crafts to make and sell

DIY Christmas decorations – Easy Christmas crafts to brighten any home

For those who are dab hands as crafters, then there’s the excellent ‘Craft Hustle Directory’ site run by Charlotte.

There is a wide range of great ideas, articles and resources and we were taken by the five easy Christmas crafts to make and sell.

Obviously, the creations created here will impress but you don’t have to sell them!

Charlotte also highlights that demand for craft and handmade goods is thriving with people wanting to support local sellers.

On her blog, Charlotte has five great ideas to brighten the festivities in your home.

Among them is a ‘Santa stop here’ mini-Christmas sign – a great choice for a young child and easy to make.

There’s also an ‘Ugly sweater milk bottle’ in a Christmas design and a Christmas oven glove that parents can make.

However, we really liked Charlotte’s take on a Santa tray for when he visits a child’s home on Christmas Eve.

This simple and effective creation uses a wooden cutting board, self-adhesive vinyl and descriptions for Santa to enjoy his milk and favourite cookie.

Charlotte also has a personalised bauble for young and old to create.


A child’s Christmas handprint wreath

DIY Christmas decorations - a child's handprint wreath.

The festivities are a great time for DIY Christmas decorations and this article offers some impressive ideas for young and old alike.

The sixth craft that really caught the attention of the team is a festive handprint wreath from the excellent blog, We Made This Life.

Created by Alina Davies, her blog covers a wide range of topics for parents, but this child’s Christmas handprint wreath is such a simple and impressive idea to carry out.

It’s also one of those mementoes that parents or grandparents will be digging out for many years, and even when the little hands that made it have grown up.

Ali says that she loves decorating her home for Christmas, especially with things made by herself with her children.

Indeed, she says that the Christmas decorations she made as a child have been kept by her own mother.

Here, this great handprint wreath will see children getting their hands messy in paint and you can use recycled cardboard, for example, from a used cereal box.

She does recommend using non-toxic washable paints, so everything is totally safe, and you simply cut out handprints to create the wreath.

The step-by-step guide is easy to follow with illustrative photographs.

As a kids Christmas craft, this festive handprint wreath really is a scene-stealer.