While you and your family may enjoy the countdown to the festivities, why not consider Christmas advent calendars for dogs so they can look forward to the arrival of Santa Paws too?

Christmas advent calendars for dogs

Everyone loves the countdown to the festivities so why not buy Christmas advent calendars for dogs?

And since advent calendars for humans have expanded so we don’t just have chocolate choices, for example, we can enjoy wine and beauty products, so the ranges for pet dogs have also expanded.

There’s no doubt that our four-legged friends deserve a treat, or even 24!

So, here the Christmas.co.uk team look at some of the best Christmas advent calendars for dogs that are currently available.


Enjoy a doggy advent calendar countdown

Christmas advent calendars for dogsOne of the tastiest Christmas advent calendars for dogs we’ve come across is this offering from Barney’s Biscuit Boxes.

Their advent calendar has returned this year and it contains a range of the firm’s favourite dog treats.

There are 50% more treats in this year’s dog advent calendar so there’s one treat for every day of the Christmas countdown.

The advent contains standard bags of biscuits across 21 days, and there are meat jerky treats for the other three days.

That means doggies will get 21 boxes with three medium sized biscuits, which are easy to break in half and are based on the flavours that Barney’s produce throughout the year.

Your favourite pooch will get to enjoy apple and cheese, banana and honey, chicken liver, peanut butter, along with pear and venison.

The pet food manufacturer has also developed with their dog nutritionist a further 19 recipes using buffalo, lamb, venison, chicken and beef.

The jerky treats in the advent calendar are made from organic beef and they are vacuum packed to maintain freshness.

All of the biscuits from Barney’s include vegetables and fresh fruit and are made with human-grade ingredients.

This is a real treat for the pooch in your life.


Good Boy meaty treats advent calendar

Christmas advent calendars for dogsAnother advent calendar for dogs that caught our eye, is this offering from Good Boy.

With dog safe chocolate, every window hides a lovely treat.

The Good Boy Christmas meaty dog treats advent calendar is filled with super scrummy, meaty dog treats to ensure your dog’s tail will be wagging every day!

These festive favourites will be a great way to get your pooch involved in the festive build-up so you can both count down to the big day!

At Good Boy, the aim is to ensure that you and your furry pal are happy, so the calendar contains the tastiest treats and the coolest toys and accessories.

Making your dog’s tail wag as you open another advent window is what they want you to enjoy.

The Good Boy Christmas meaty dog treats advent calendar costs £5 and is available from a range of outlets, including Tesco and Morrisons.


Premio advent calendar for dogs

Christmas advent calendars for dogsOne of the issues for advent calendars for pooches is for the quality of the treats they contain – but that’s not the issue with Premio.

That’s because they offer high quality treats for your pooch and have a strong reputation for doing so.

This year’s offering sees these treats being delivered in various forms and flavours and there are eight different snacks to enjoy behind the 24 doors.

They range from star-shaped small pieces of lamb to chicken snacks.

There’s no doubt this is a quality offering, and each snack weighs in at 8g and has no added sugar – which is good because we need to watch our favourite woofer’s waistline during the festivities.


Scrumbles Advent Calendars for Dogs

Christmas advent calendars for dogsBack by pawpular demand is this Scrumbles Advent Calendar for Dogs.

Scrumbles is a family-run, gut-friendly pet food company and their advent calendars have been very popular.

And this year is no different with fun, festive designs and yummy, tummy-friendly treats inside, the brand is set to delight dogs across the country with this advent offering.

Each calendar boasts small versions of the firm’s fave treats are made with natural ingredients and then baked by hand in eco-ovens in small batches with no added salt or sugar.

The Happy Howlidays dog advent calendar costs £6 and offers a trio of excellent treats including turkey nibbles, meaty chicken bites and a Scrumbles favourite – miniaturised dental Gnashers.

The pet advent calendar is available to buy direct from Scrumbles, Amazon, Ocado and various independent stores.


Lily’s Kitchen advent calendar for dogs

Christmas advent calendars for dogsOne of the most popular advent calendars for dogs is this great production from Lily’s Kitchen.

This is certainly one advent calendar that will complete Christmas the festive countdown is style!

Lily’s Kitchen is an award-winning producer of proper food for pets and to help kickstart this year’s celebrations, you can treat your four-legged friend to their very own stylish advent calendar.

It has been generously filled with a selection of delicious treats, including the firm’s ‘Rise and Shines’ and their famous ‘Bedtime Biscuits’.

So, if you want to countdown to Christmas day with your pet dog, this is a great way to do it.

The Lily’s Kitchen advent calendar for dogs is available online and from various retailers including Tesco and Pets at Home.


Filthy Animal advent calendar for dogs

Christmas advent calendars for dogsWe all like a touch of luxury at Christmas, so why should our pooches be any different?

Well, the advent calendar for dogs from Filthy Animal this year offers a range of unusual and impressive treats – and stand out as a great creation.

There’s a luxurious odour control shampoo, nose and paw bar and also an odour reducing spray.

The makers have also added a range of luxury products in miniature size doggy treats, along with popcorn and scented candles.

The lucky dog also gets Santa-shaped treats and crunchy bone-shaped treats.

It costs £32.99 and is available from a range of outlets, including the Filthy Animal website.


Reusable advent calendars for dogs

Christmas advent calendars for dogsThe Christmas.co.uk team also enjoyed this reusable dog advent calendar from Stag Design.

The firm makes specific breed calendars too for those who want to really personalise their festive pet advent calendar with breeds including cocker spaniel and Labrador.

Made from oak, the personalised dog advent calendar has space for 24 treats so you can choose your pet’s favourites and attach them with twine to the board.

There are also two paw prints added to the board so there’s no mistaking as to who this advent belongs to.

There’s no doubt this is a great way to share the countdown to Christmas and the dog advent that can be filled with luxurious treats and used for many years.