Registered in 1998 and never used, I've decided to sell it.

Christmas itself must be the world's best known brand, although no one actually owns it. 
However, the owner of this dictinctive domain will undoubtedly have a majority stake in Christmas forever.

What is worth?
To help you decide on a sensible valuation/offer price here is a graphic showing 'Christmas' (exact match)
was searched for 1.8M times in the UK from September 2015 to December 2015.

The Adword suggested keyword bid for 'Christmas' is 71p (and that's in August!)
For a one-time purchase fee, you could own Christmas on the web for generations to come. No ordinary web address (an M&S web address maybe?)


Email: steve AT
OR call Steve on 07711- 515 three,two,three (NO TIME WASTERS PLEASE)